Perispinal Etanercept Treatment for Brain Injury and Stroke

Please watch Joel’s Perispinal Etanercept treatment story  –

23 years after his brain injury!
As a result of the amazing progress our PSEAG family members have made as a result of the Perispinal Etanercept Treatment they have received in USA – and our commitment to making this treatment available to all who have experienced either stroke of brain injury is so strong that we have set up a charity called Stroke Recovery Trial Fund LTD:  ABN: 47 604 632 582 . The  reason for setting up this charity is to educate and support people affected by brain injury and stroke, and their families, raise community awareness and to support vital research using the Perispinal Etanercept to treat Stroke and brain injury.

The research team at Griffith University already have Griffith university ethics clearance and Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT ) approval to conduct a Randomised Controlled clinical trial but need funds to conduct the trial. Once a successful clinical trial is conducted, it will help facilitate this treatment  being available in Australia (and other parts of the world).

To find out more please go to : ,  Facebook or follow us on Twitter: @StrokeRTF


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