Katie’s Story (Rockhampton Australia)

I’m Katrina Dobsa; I live in Rockhampton, QLD – Australia   (08.02.2017)

I’m 40 years old; I suffered a stroke while having surgery for wisdom teeth removal on 14th August 2009. I was left totally paralysed on my left side.

The Neurologist at the Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital where I was transferred to determined after investigations that my stroke was due to a split in my carotid artery on the right side of my neck which presumably was blocked from the force of the wisdom tooth extraction.

I was unable to sit or roll without assistance; I could not swallow or eat properly.

After rehabilitation first in Brisbane and then Rockhampton I  recovered to be able to drive, work and walk un-assisted but I still struggled with so many issues, I had left shoulder displacement, stilted walking; pain and spasticity in my left leg; toes; arm and hand as well  as peripheral problems.

I tried acupuncture, and a “Functional electronic Stimulated walking device, but I strived for more.

In 2014 I saw an article about Perispinal. Etanercept Treatment in America and made the decision with my husband and daughter to travel for the injection. This was only made possible financially by the assistance from family.

I had 2 injections in Florida and the response to the treatment was immediate, I could walk up and down stairs unassisted for the first time since the stroke.

I was able to walk around theme parks with my daughter instead of my husband pushing me in a wheelchair. It was not only the physical improvements but also the cognitive improvements, my hearing and communication improved to where being in group situations was no longer situations I avoided but enjoyed once again.

I’m now nearly 3 years post  treatment  and I’m considering travelling for more treatment as I wished i’d had 3 treatments instead of 2. At the time the travelling alone was cost enough, but now I’ve seen the benefits I definitely know there will be improvements by another treatment, I just wish this treatment was available in Australia.

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