Brian’s Recovery (New Zealand)

Prior to his stroke Brian was a Detective Senior Sergeant in the New Zealand Police, he has three boys now 16, 13 and 7. He was a rugby coach at junior rep level and widely involved in the community.Brain_Jo_NZ_DrT_Helen

In 2009 Brian was diagnosed with AF a condition which effects the electronics of the heart and makes the heart beat fast and irregular. He had two procedures to try and correct this. Due to this condition Brian was put on Warfarin to help with keeping his blood thin. Unfortunately about five months before his stroke in November 2011 (at the age of 46) he was taken off the Warfarin. Brian had a massive stroke. He lost the use of his right side and was diagnosed with Global Aphasia.

After three months rehab in Dunedin he went home walking with the aid of an AFO, no use of his right arm and struggled with communication, fatigue ( sleeping two/three times a day )  and  noise ( not great with three boys !).

And had to relearn everything even where the light switches were at home.

Over time it became very apparent that Brian’s taste buds were affected, he wasn’t eating a balance diet and only stomaching what he had to. I have since found out that everything was tasting like metal or cardboard. This and the other frustrations associated with the stroke had a huge effect on him and the family.

One night simply by chance he changed the channel and Linda’s story was on 60 Minutes WOW! He was very excited we knew for Brian that it wouldn’t be the cure it was for Linda but still the possibilities were exciting. I set Brian up with the websites and he watched all the video links he could after two weeks ( and some research from me ) he indicated that he wanted to do it.

After the first treatment he regained his taste (his reaction was priceless), sight, smell, sensation down his right side, his limbs were lighter and easier to move, his eyes were alive and he was comprehending things alot better. He was able to tolerate noise for long periods of time and words came easier that they had before. he was processing things alot clearer than before. And no sign of fatigue he was a happy man!

With the second treatment his eye sight in his right eye returned to that of his left eye, taste increased again and his limbs were softer and easier for him to walk without his AFO ( still a work in progress ) he was able to get more words out and it was clear to see that he was more alert and with it than he has been since the stroke.   So the second treatment enhanced what the first had given him. Just amazing. Everyone working with Brian has noticed he has gone forward in leaps and bounds. He is doing speech exercises that he was struggling with prior to the treatment and his workouts have doubled.

Brian still has limitations and still gets frustrated with his situation – but because of this treatment he says he is at least 200% better than what he was before.

Read more about Brian’s recovery here and watch the TVNZ story:

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